Is it better to type on a computer or write with a pen on paper? Most students prefer typing as it saves time. Not all people have good handwriting and therefore prefer to type an essay to make it more accessible to readers.


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Lifecycles to help you type your essay quickly

On the road to the art of fast typing, this point is the most difficult. Many people type with just two fingers. This leads to incorrect hand placement and constant peeking at the keyboard, which is also bad for the eyesight and slows down typing speed considerably.

If you want to learn to type fast, you need to get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible.

There are a total of two ways to print text:

  • "Home" keys. The method is to assign a specific key to each finger.
  • Dynamic typing, where your fingers can move freely across the keyboard.

The second method significantly optimizes the typing process. It is also recommended by many psychologists, who believe it helps some people to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Learn to type blindly

If you constantly stare at the keyboard, your typing speed slows down considerably. It takes a lot of practice to stop doing this. Typing large amounts of text every day is the best training. Over time, your hands will intuitively remember the location of each key. You should start with the simplest and shortest sentences and then gradually increase the volume. It is important not to peek at the keys, but to try to remember where each letter is located. You will see results after a week of daily practice.

Why should I learn to type blind?

At first glance, the answer is obvious - saving time. But even if you don't spend all day at a computer and suffer from slow two-finger typing, there are still two reasons to learn to type blindly.

1. Vision. If you're typing long text and constantly moving your eyes from the screen to the keyboard and vice versa, your eyes tire very quickly. This is due to the difference in distance between the keyboard and the screen - you are constantly shifting your gaze and attention. In low light, the situation is even worse - the difference in brightness and contrast of objects quickly makes your eyes hurt. And there is a risk that your vision may deteriorate over time.

2. Posture. To avoid back problems, you should sit upright at the computer with your shoulders straight and your neck up. But when we look at the keyboard, we want to put our head down and hunch over - the risk of scoliosis increases several times over.

Choose a suitable rhythm

Another important recommendation is to keep the same rhythm. The interval between keystrokes should be equal. You should also remember to return your fingers to their original position after each press.

Use trimmers programmes

It is also advisable to use free online programs to develop this skill. They will not only help you learn the key positions quickly but also teach you how to type quickly.

TypeRacer. In this app, you are given a short text that you have to type as quickly as possible. And you have to be the first to do it because this game is designed for multiple participants. The speed of typing is indicated by a machine. Whose car reaches the finish line first is the winner.

Touch Typing Study. And this is a great option for those learning a foreign language. You can learn to type in a whole range of languages, even Chinese. In addition, there are several levels of difficulty.

You can always type the text for editing the essay yourself or hire the services of professionals who will do all the work for you.