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Best laptop for machine learning in 2022 Business Management Books
The best coding laptops won`t magically turn you into the next Larry Page..

The best coding laptops won't magically turn you into the next Larry Page, and they won't print you money, success, or Bill Gates' sweater collection. We tell you what is the Best laptop for machine learning in 2022, what you should know when choosing this type of equipment, and we present the ranking of the best laptops for programming, recommended by experts.

MacBook Pro laptops

At a time when internet speculation is widespread, building a product that meets people's expectations is a burdensome task. However, Steve Jobs once said, "People don't know what they want until you show it to them."

And, with the unveiling of Apple's new line of MacBook Pro laptops, anyone looking for a portable programming center can consider themselves very much on display. The M1 Pro chip housed inside may play second fiddle to the M1 Max, but when it comes to performance, it's up there with the best laptops available. Our benchmark testing showed the MacBook Pro 14 dominating, with its 10-core processor wrecking the scores of top-tier laptops based on Intel and AMD.


Configurations also allow for up to 64GB of RAM, 8TB of lightning-fast SSD storage, a 16-core Neural Engine, and a 32-core GPU. If your programming needs require serious performance, there are a few mountains where the MacBook Pro 14 can't take you to the top. As is customary for Apple products, if it sounds out of this world, then the price tag will also be. While the MacBook Pro 14 has a base price of $1,999, more powerful configurations can push that number up to a whopping $5,899.

M1 chip

While the real crown jewel in the MacBook Pro 14 is the M1 Pro chip, a few other improvements could help mitigate that price for you. The most notable of which is a 14-hour battery life, a dazzling 14-inch display, a fantastic keyboard, and an improved port selection that includes a full HDMI port and an SDXC card reader.