And if someone convicts you of this, it can negatively affect the reputation of the brand. Some bots leave comments like “Nice!”, “Extraordinary!” or “Great Job!” (I think I’ve seen it many times).


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Such tactics of “winding up” likes and subscribers are considered unethical

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It looks like a real person left a comment, but experienced users understand that this is not so. It will be worse if one of the bots comments on any post in the wrong way, for example, writes some inappropriate nonsense under one of your posts. We suggest using a high-quality service (, for instance).

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Nobody wants to see the comment “Great Job!” (great job) under the post describing the funeral procession. The example is harsh, of course, but such comments are very much out of context and, of course, harm the reputation. The same situation can arise with a bot that acts on a certain set of hashtags and may like something unattractive. Don't forget that other users can see what you like.

Post engagement drops

The more followers you have, the less engagement. What can you say about an account with 1m followers that only has 2k likes? - Twisted.

  • Accounts with less than 1k followers typically have 8% engagement.
  • 1k to 10k approximately 4%
  • 10k - 100k around 2.4%
  • From 1m subscribers, the engagement rate will be around 1.7%.

These figures can be useful for those who get likes, well, for honest players, of course, too.

On the other hand, if the ratio of likes and followers goes off scale (more than 7%), it is almost certain that they are cheated. Also, if the number of likes is much higher than the number of comments (there are incredibly few of them), most likely they were bought.