So, how did Doja Cat became so popular? Let's start from the very beginning. Undoubtely, this girl will become one of the greatest influencers. Let's wait for 2023 to see new content from her


How did Doja Cat tiktoker became famous? Business Management Books
Famous, beautiful and smart: Doja Cat TikTok star

Who is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat has long been worthy of recognition from the general public, but has only now become a truly mature big artiste. That said, her fresh vision of hip-hop and R&B sets her apart from many of her peers working in urban genres. What helps the singer is her ability to think unorthodoxly, while still staying within the mainstream pop trend.

The November record 'Hot Pink' reached the top-ten of the US major album chart, a very important achievement for the young artist. And 'Say So', now in its 17th week on the Billboard Hot 100, could well top the charts thanks to the new Nicki Minaj remixes. What's next? More high-profile collaborations and bangers are likely, and the next Grammy ceremony is definitely not without Doja Cat.

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After the "Mooo!" video shot, Doja Cat decided to release a re-release of the "Amala" album and include the viral track there. The deluxe version of the record also features a fit with Rico Nasty's "Tia Tamera".

Last autumn, Doja Cat unveiled her second studio album, Hot Pink. By the time it was released, the rapper had amassed not only experience, but also millions of views on YouTube and gained the support of important people in the industry. The new record is more solid and catchy, with Gucci Mane and Tyga among the guests on it.

"My first album was a kind of rehearsal. Like when you do something for the first time, you have to figure it out for yourself. I feel like I've figured out who I am now, I know what I want and what my second album should sound like. I'm very proud of that," Doja Cat told The Fader.