The French Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds. Their ancestors were brave fighting and pickling dogs. Modern bulldogs inherited fearlessness and activity from them, but over time they acquired friendliness and a cheerful disposition, for which their owners love them so much. In addition, small pets feel great in apartments, and it’s also easy to travel with them, so it’s the residents of cities who often get them.


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French bulldog nutrition preferences

Tray and diaper training

Toilet training starts at a very young age. First, he relieves himself at home, and at the end of the post-vaccination quarantine, the baby is transferred to the street.

To teach a French Bulldog puppy to walk on a diaper or tray, just follow a simple algorithm:

Spread disposable diapers on the floor in the house. You need to watch the baby to catch the moment when he wants to go to the toilet. As soon as this is about to happen, you need to transfer it to a comfortable diaper, that is, to where the tray will later be located.

At first, you need to leave a small piece of the soiled diaper in that place so that the puppy can navigate the next trip to the toilet. Then the baby will remember this place and will only relieve himself there.

A little later, you need to put a tray there, and in it - a fragment of a diaper soaked in the urine of a French bulldog puppy.

Like shown in this post puppy french bulldogs for sale, throughout the training, you need to praise the bulldog when he correctly performed the action. The best praise is a small treat or caress. If the baby did not immediately go “to the place”, you need to scold him in a stern voice, but do not scream or beat him for anything.