Why do so many people trust ordinary opinion and do not take into account the opinion of experts? And then they complain that “they were deceived” and “made poorly”. Although, in fact, the wrong material was simply chosen initially.


Choosing wood for windows - which is better? Business Management Books
Only a small percentage of the population listens to the opinion of professionals. But the quality, reliability and durability of wooden windows directly depends on the wood.

How to choose the right wood for your future windows so that they serve for a long time without losing functionality? Let's talk about this.

How wood is valued

The German Institute for Window Technology believes that wood must be judged on two dimensions.

  • → Resistance to external influences and
  • → Tendency to warp.

Based on this, all types of wood can be divided into 2 groups. One contains all types of wood, from which you can make any windows (wood and wood-aluminum), and in the other - those types that are suitable only for wood-aluminum windows. For example, walnut, birch, cherry, ash and some others.

Aluminum-wooden windows are more protected from outside influences, therefore, in their production, it is possible to use wood species with low physical and chemical characteristics and an increased tendency to warping.

First conclusion: Any wood can be used for wooden euro windows. Only some rocks need to be additionally protected with aluminum on the outside.

Types of wood

There are countless types of wood that are suitable for the manufacture of windows. But the most popular are larch, pine and oak. Why? First of all, because for our country these are the most common trees, therefore there is enough material for construction and its cost is quite adequate.

You can, of course, order wooden windows made of other wood, for example, merbau (also in demand) or Siberian cedar, but the price will be very high, and the difference in quality is insignificant.

As you can see, the wood from which almost 100% of wooden windows are made in Russia belongs to the middle class. Now you may think that then it is better to install windows from merbau, for example. Let's answer that pine windows will last for at least a century, merbau windows - 120 years. Is the difference too tangible? In addition, if necessary, it is much easier and cheaper to repair pine windows than expensive woods. But, it's up to you. In the meantime, we will consider in more detail all the pros and cons of "our" wood: pine, larch and oak.


Coniferous wood, has resin passages. It is they who give the fresh forest scent, while it does not matter at all whether the wood is treated with protective compounds or not. The substances that are released have a healing effect. It is always easy to breathe in a house dominated by pine, so people with respiratory diseases are highly recommended to replace all plastic structures with natural ones. And for the prevention of diseases, this would also not hurt to do it.

Depending on the degree of resinousness, pine is divided into two categories: "tar" and "dutitsa". "Smolka" possesses water-repellent properties, therefore windows from this type of pine are installed in regions with high humidity. The only caveat: the processing of the "resin", in contrast to the "dutitsa", is very difficult, so the price of the product may be higher.


Auger coniferous tree, therefore, all of the above about resin passages fully applies to it. In addition, larch looks much more presentable than pine, especially late, with a rich dark brown color.

In nature, a tree lives for almost 600 years, after processing, the wood can withstand more than a century without problems. In terms of physical and technical indicators, larch is 30% stronger than pine, and the same amount higher in terms of resistance to warping. Read more: "деревянные стеклопакеты".


One of the strongest trees. The life span of oak is about 1000 years, any oak wood products will serve faithfully for several centuries. It has the ability to "age" beautifully - the more time passes, the more solid the windows look. The main thing is not to forget to look after them. The care is not difficult, it is enough to carry out preventive measures once a year.


In all respects, oak is definitely the best. But larch and pine windows are slightly inferior in their characteristics. The most important thing to understand is that the quality of wooden windows depends on the honesty and professionalism of the manufacturer.