The most important criterion is the interface for connecting external devices. Over the past few years, they began to produce models that are equipped with built-in connectors for connecting USB, HDMI adapters.


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2022 Bose soundbar 500 vs 700 - chosing the best

However, with the general and massive transition to LCD, plasma and OLED panels, the need for compact and inexpensive solutions for high-quality sound has increased many times over. Indeed, the sound quality of modern TVs lags so far behind the quality of the image shown by them that it is simply impossible to do without acoustic systems that compensate for this difference. Therefore, electronics manufacturers rushed to race to produce acoustic systems in the "soundbar" format: to choose properly.


This term - "soundbar" - consists of two English words - "sound" and "bar", which can literally be translated as "sounding bar". It refers to a horizontal speaker system with an array of speakers, designed to be placed below or above the TV screen. Depending on the design, the soundbar can play both stereo sound and a full range of home theater channels.

Soundbars are passive and active. Accordingly, the first type involves the use of an external amplifier, usually an AV receiver. Currently, the popularity of passive models among manufacturers and buyers is not very high; they are more often used in installations with acoustics built into the wall. Usually passive models are a set of speakers to reproduce two front and center channels in a 5.1 configuration.

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