Fans of online shooters know how much more pleasant it is to use headphones instead of speakers.


Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Business Management Books
2022 Best Gaming Headset Under 100 - how to choose?

Everything you need to know about gaming headsets

Good external acoustics for games is at least a 7.1 audio system, which will cost many thousands of rubles, while high-quality headsets will allow you to fully immerse yourself in what is happening many times cheaper. And positioning in them is always more accurate than in columns. In addition, headsets are often taken for games, which is much more convenient than a stand-alone microphone.

Best Gaming Headset Under 100

But how to distinguish from low-quality ones and how to choose the right headset for games? We will talk about this in today's article.

How are gaming headphones different from music headphones?

If you have a separate microphone, then any high-quality music headsets will work for games. But still, gaming models have significant differences. They focus on the positioning of the sound in space and comfort in use, and not on the detail and richness of the sound. Positioning helps to better navigate the battlefield in shooters, when you can understand exactly where the shooting is being done or from which side the enemy is sneaking up. And comfortable headphones allow you to wear them for many hours: they do not hurt your ears and your head does not get tired.

Also, all gaming headphones are equipped with a microphone, which in fact makes them a headset. However, the quality of the microphone varies greatly from model to model, and even in many premium devices, the voice is often not clear enough. Therefore, ordinary non-gaming headphones, but with a good neutral sound, pumped over by a software virtualizer for a three-dimensional effect, paired with a separate microphone, will work even better. But they will most likely cost more and are not always convenient.

Gembird headsets

Gembird MHS-780B - as cheap as possible

At such a modest cost, the Gembird MHS-780B have a soft sound and a microphone without extraneous noise. True, there is practically no bass and soundproofing, and the ear pads are harsh. But for such a price, all these shortcomings are more than forgivable.

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