When setting up processor head units, there is often confusion in terms - what do 2-WAY and 3-WAY modes mean


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2 way vs 3 way car speakers - which is better in 2022?

often, especially in some cars, this is not enough to completely transfer the music scene to the top. But as soon as we add a mid-range driver to the system, which we also have placed, as a rule, high, the music stage rises even higher than it was with a 2-way speaker system. At this moment, in the car, the advantage of the 3-component system is much higher than at home. So, 2 way speakers vs 3 way - which is better?

Summing up the undeniable advantages of 3-component acoustics, we have: it can play louder, better, due to the fact that each speaker reproduces a narrower frequency range, and we will also get an indisputable plus in the car - the music scene will be built much better for us due to the fact that a wider range of frequencies is reproduced from the speakers that are located at the top of the torpedo.

2 way vs 3 way

There is an opinion on the Internet that it will be much easier to set up a 2-component speaker system than a 3-component one. This point is quite debatable. For example, if I talk about myself, then for me there is no additional difficulty in setting up a three-ruble note, unlike a two-room one. I can even more say that I love the 3-component system much more and I am a fan of this particular front acoustic composition.

Based on the advantages that we listed earlier regarding a 3-component system, it should contain some kind of midrange driver, which should have the largest possible diameter in order to reproduce frequencies as low as possible to raise the stage as high as possible. At the same time, this midrange must be located above the dashboard. In order for our music scene to be high and at the same time even.

Mid-range speaker

Considerable attention should also be paid to the mid-range speaker: ideally, we should have a significant size. As a rule, the largest midrange drivers have drivers with a diameter of 10 cm. The smaller the diameter of the cone driver, the higher it will play, therefore, it will not cope with the function of raising the music stage higher (see Wikipedia for details).

If we take a doll type midrange driver, then as a rule, their cutoffs are still much higher than those cutoffs that we use for cone-type midrange speakers. Therefore, they will be even less able to cope with the task of raising the gaming music scene.

The important point is where we have the midrange driver installed. Its optimal location is in the racks in the direction of the forehead to the driver.