A mechanical keyboard has a more complex operating principle. Each key contains a switch with metal contacts.


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Mechanical devices are more expensive than membrane ones, but more reliable and durable...

Mechanical keyboards

The contact closes before the pressing reaches the stop, and the metal spring returns the key to its original position. Mechanical devices are more expensive than membrane ones, but more reliable and durable.

Compared to Gaming Keyboards Under $100, mechanical gaming keyboards have better response times - 0.2ms versus 1ms. In addition, their keys do not need to be pressed all the way to the end, which makes for convenient gameplay and fast typing.

The moment of contact closure in a mechanical keyboard is highlighted with a characteristic click. The loud sound of the keys can be unusual for membrane device users: such a keyboard should not be used in the office, so as not to disturb colleagues. However, the sound of mechanical keys is not noticeable at all if you are playing with headphones or are used to it.

Due to the use of metal parts, mechanical keyboards are heavier than membrane ones. Sometimes metal also becomes part of the design: for example, the top panel of the Bloody B860 is made of aluminum and decorated with a relief pattern of gears. This provides additional weight and stability to the keyboard, as well as strength and corrosion resistance. A smartphone holder is built into the body of this model, so that the phone always remains at hand and does not distract from the game.

The B860 uses LK (Light Strike) technology, which uses optical switches that reduce response times to 0.2ms. In addition, the keyboard has a reduced key travel: this provides 25% faster keystrokes than conventional metal switches. The buttons are protected by a 6 mm barrier to prevent the ingress of liquids.